From a JOURNAL of the ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY of AMERICA review by P. L. Marston:

“ACOUSTICS: SOUND FIELDS and TRANSDUCERS is an update/sequel to the legendary 1954 work ACOUSTICS by Leo Beranek. It contains more recent and additional material, including material that is difficult to find elsewhere. Some examples of the latter are a discussion of the “slip” boundary condition in narrow tubes (Chap. 4), cell phone acoustics (Chap. 8), and steps to produce satisfactory listening room acoustics (Chap. 11) However, some topics like noise control, hearing, speech, and psychoacoustics are not carried over into the new edition.

“The book will be of interest to three classes of reader: Those who manufacture transducers (industrially or in-house), those who wish to understand transducers and wave propagation (students and researchers), and those who have transducer applications in mind (e.g., in theaters, public address systems, home entertainment). Acoustical consultants may be included in the last group. The book will serve as an informative text to both the service and expert and as a handbook for information on specific issues.”

From a review by Bob Walker, Journal of the Institute of Acoustics:

“Students of acoustics, especially of rooms, propagation, transducers and noise/vibration, will undoubtedly have been familiar with Leo Beranek’s seminal work, named simply ACOUSTICS, first published in 1954. For many, myself included, it formed a constant well-thumbed reference.

“Even to those that already own a copy of the original 1954 edition, I would recommend acquiring a copy of the revision. It has sufficient new material and is a pleasure to read to justify the cost.”

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