Technical Reviews

"The authors have met their stated goal and, in fact, have gone beyond that to produce the best noise and vibration control resource book now in print."

Applied Mechanics Review.

"This is an excellent book that will be very useful for students, researchers and practitioners in noise and vibration control
engineering…The editors and authors are to be commended for this important and useful contribution. This book should be in the library of anyone who is in the field of noise and vibration."

Noise Control Engineering Journal.

"The stated intention to convey insight into the processes of noise generation and attenuation and provide design engineers with the specific technical information to solve noise and vibration problems has been admirably achieved. The book is an important manual; worth adding to the essential references bookshelf."

Applied Acoustics.

"The book represents an outstanding work, in which the multifaceted problem of noise and vibration control is treated at the most up-to-date level. The book should serve as a fine text for undergraduate and graduate students and as a reference work for a broad sphere of specialists and engineers engaged in extremely diverse areas of endeavor-from mechanical engineering to
construction and architecture."

Translated from Russian, Akust. Zh.

This is a very good reference text for the practicing acoustical consultant or noise control engineer who already has a working knowledge of noise control concepts-it provides a means for surveying quickly the state of the art of a particular subject area, and it presents many useful equations and data. The text is likely to be of even greater benefit to the engineer who has available the resources to pursue in greater detail the subject areas presented; for example, by obtaining and using the papers cited in the references and

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

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