Charles Vest, President National Academy of Engineering

"Leo Beranek is a hero among American technologists of his generation, and teaches us in this book that the pursuit of lofty goals, such as an esthetically and acoustically superb concert hall require perseverance, risk, and learning from failures. An amazing book."

Gerald Holton, Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and History of Science, Harvard University

"Leo Beranek's memoir is a remarkable feat, not least in being a book that has a second one hiding within it. On one level, the author presents in a calm voice the successive stages of our age. As of a life, from simple beginnings to exemplary leadership in a startling variety of highly responsible roles-academic, inventor, industrialist, acoustical designer, philanthropist, and head of major institutions-each performed to the very pinnacle of achievement. But while reading this often gripping account, one becomes gradually aware of the underlying thematic current of the book: How one may realize the fabled American Dream as demonstrable fact."

Emily Thompson, Professor of History, Princeton

Leo Beranek's memoir engagingly describes a life that exemplifies the best possibilities of twentieth-century America. Through peacetime and war, Beranek has played a significant and often foundational role in the academic and corporate fields of acoustics, electronics, and communications. His personal account of that role will be of interest to all students of American history and technology."

Ray Stata, Chairman, Analog Devices

"This fascinating account of real life stories describes in interesting detail and engaging prose how this remarkable Renaissance man drove so many important developments of our age. As scientist, academician, innovator, entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist, Dr. Beranek and his scope of achievement from humble origins in rural America to positions of power and influence at Harvard and MIT and with governments around the world, culminating in the award of the National Medal of Science in 2003, serves as an inspiration for all people who are committed to change the world and leave it a better place."

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